Enerwave 7-Button Wall Scene Controller: No local relay

Continuing the discussion from SmartThings Hub V2 now available for pre-order:

Unfortunately, the Enerwave 7-Button switch doesn’t have any local relays, so that’s a big bummer: You lose local control over the light that was originally hooked up to that light switch gang-box slot, unless you also add a Z-Wave micro-relay or use ZigBee / Z-Wave smart bulbs.

I use it for the latter case (in a room with 3 Hue bulbs where I didn’t need the original light switch anymore); but I see very limited use cases otherwise.

Micro-dimmers or relays should be able to fit in a larger/modern single gang box? Older work can be problematic, for sure.

Yup. Drives up the cost and complexity, though.

Aeon and others promote that design, with various fancy capacity touch switches.

This device is worthwhile, but we definitely need more options. It’s a rather incredible situation.

The original use cases for these devices, nothing to do with SmartThings, was in the rooms that had three way switches, where you no longer needed the aux to be wired to the master switch because everything was being done wirelessly. So it was easy to dedicate a button on the SC7 for whatever the original aux had done, and then you still had a lot of buttons left to assign to various scenes.

So the original switches were a wired master, a wired aux and a traveler wire between them.

The new set up was a wired network master, a networked aux which drew its power from the mains, but communicated wirelessly with the master, and no need for a traveler wire.

You didn’t lose any functionality, you actually gained a whole lot.

So as always, “all home automation is local.” If you only have one switch controlling the load to the light fixture, then removing switch control of that load wouldn’t make any sense. But if you have two switches both controlling the same light, replacing one of them with the scene controller expands your options.