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EnergySmart Electric Water Heater Controller

(Beckwith) #1

Anyone tried this device? Not much information but sounds interesting:

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(Matt Carlson) #2

Hey Beckwith - the Iris controller from Lowe’s you referred to only works with new, Iris-enabled tanks (also conveniently sold at Lowe’s) that cost $200 more than standard tanks. Aquanta is designed to retrofit on most water heaters already out there.
Obviously I have an agenda but though I would point that out!


The Iris module is using a standard form factor and my State water heater has the receptacle for this but I don’t use Iris. Does anyone know of a more generic module in this form factor?

(Bruce Robertson) #4

I am also interested in this. I have a compatible water heater. Anyone want to develop a device handler?

(Tim) #5

The Lowe’s website says the water heater controller works with SmartThings. I installed it today, connected to my home network (confirmed), yet SmartThings does not find the controller. I can’t find any custom device handlers. Anyone happen to have any ideas on how to connect to SmartThings?