Energy consumption Ledvance wifi


I have 2 Ledvance plugs, with electric metering.
But… in SmartThings I can not see the meter.
only on/ off.
I can see many others have same problems with other brands, sn most discussions/ questions ende like this:
let’s continue the discussion here: Smart Plug Capable of Measuring Power Usage? - #4 by JDRoberts (thanks for connecting the dots @JDRoberts! :+1:

And… if I follow that link, I seriously don’ t get more clever…nothing solved anywhere, ad far as I can see, only some people talk about Home Assistant… and plugs not available in Europe.
Is the solution to dump SmartThings and switch to Home Assistant?..
It should be plug and play to my opinion, I mean Ledvance wifi are know partner with SmartThings…

Please explain the solution in clear language instead of a link bad link, and then " it is solved"
if it is, then.tell me the solution please…

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