Virtual Switch for Alexa routine trigger stopped working (Feb 2023)

Hi Folks,

I noticed recently that my existing virtual button switch had stopped triggering a routine in Alex.

Have they changed the way this device works now? I set it up over 2 years ago and on the device manager it looks like its been renamed to “Simulated Alexa Button”.

I’ve had a play around and can’t get it to behave like it used to, and I can’t find a replacement device to so the same trigger function in Alex.

Any help would be much welcome.


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This is happening because of the move to the new platform and the discontinuing of the old groovy cloud.

There are available replacements, but the choices vary depending on whether you have a SmartThings/Aeotec hub or not.

Here’s the community FAQ on the new options. It also notes which ones work to trigger an Alexa routine.

FAQ: Creating Virtual Devices with the new architecture (Without the IDE) (2023)

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Ah, thanks for the reply. I’ll have a read of that article. I don’t have a hub, I am only using SmartThings for the one virtual button

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Thanks @JDRoberts I’ve gone down the Virtual Lock route using the API Browser method and that’s giving me what I need.

I can now go back to having my porch lights turned on when motion detected in sunset hours only :wink: