Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Fan Control 55258 LED Status Light

When installing and adding to smart things it adds by default as a dimmer. I logged into the web portal and was able to update to a fan.

Unfortunately, no matter what setting I put for the ledIndicator, it is off when the switch is off. It functions normally for blinking fan speed…but I’d like the blue led light to be on when the fan is off like all my other fan controllers.

I tried switching back to a dimmer, updating LED status there and no luck either.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

  • MSR: 0063-4944-3337
  • manufacturer: Jasco Products


The led behavior isn’t changeable though software on the fan controller. (yes, really. For some rewthey omit it on that particular device)

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That’s amazing because even on the instruction sheet it references the LED light for finding the switch in the dark.

Thank you for the reply.

Jasco-made devices usually have a button sequence to change settings at the physical switch. The usual Jasco method for cycling through LED options is quickly tapping 3x up then 1x down. If it works it should cycle through some subset of {on when on, on when off, always on, always off}. This may not work for your device - @nmpu has a 55258 and reported no (or possibly limited) success with the button sequence. Be careful - a sequence of 3x up then 3x down is usually factory reset.

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I could have sworn my 55258s had the LED on with fan off when I first installed. They are now just like @michaelx. The LED is off except when adjusting fan speed. I never did contact Jasco to see if there’s a button sequence. The 3x up 1x down does nothing for me on this model.

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I assumed from his post that his are on when on right now, but I guess he didn’t say specifically what current behavior is when on.

I saw logs from someone with a new model dimmer or switch that included reports from the Indicator command class (0x87). I’m wondering if Jasco is starting to use that for LED control on the new models. I didn’t see that command class in the fingerprint for yours though, so it could just be that the fan controller team is continuing to drop the ball on this.

I just did the live chat with Jasco. They claim the default behavior for 55258 is LED on when fan off with no button sequence or command to change. When I argued that’s not how my device currently operates, she suggested a reset. Circular reasoning.

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The 3 on / 1 off sequence does not appear to have any effect on the led light as it did on different models.

And other than when changing speeds the LED is off.

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I’ve excluded, factory reset (confirmed by flashing LED), and even pulled the air gap. Nothing changes the LED behavior. It’s off except when adjusting fan speed.

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Same thing with my install. I ended up resetting and removing several times during the setup process when I was trying to troubleshoot the fan speed control being added as a dimmer so I don’t think the factory reset is the answer either.