Elgato Eve

Anyone seen this yet?

It looks interesting, but I believe the SmartThings hub doesn’t include bluetooth. So integration would be difficult. Hmm, maybe an app that lives on our bluetooth capable computer to act as a relay between the hub and these devices? Or maybe a bluetooth capable accessory?

However, I’m not sure I would be investing in this product anyway. I purchased an EyeTv from them years ago and the continued support and product was not very impressive.

Yep. I’m sure there’s gonna be a watershed of BLE-connected gadget this fall. Too bad ST locked themselves out of this goldmine. :smile:

I like their app interface, and the they are doing a key fob as well… https://www.elgato.com/en/smart

Ugh… the name is bound to cause confusion with the Eve Irrigation System:

Eve Kickstarter Page

… must not feed troll, must not…


I hope you’re joking :slight_smile:

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@Ben the troll is evil… Run away, do not tell… do not under any circumstances tell…

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