Electric Baseboard thermostat control via ST

Thanks for the great support even though it was truly a minor issue. Merci!

I read through much of this thread going back to day 1 but admit that I skipped through much of 2016 and 2017.

I personally live in a 100 unit condo building in Quebec.

Heating is through baseboard heaters but the building also has a cooling tower that feeds the central AC system in summer. Is there a smart product that can handle both?

In fact. I had bought a Nest only to find out it didn’t support baseboard heaters so I sold it through Kijiji. The products in this thread seem to support baseboard heaters but nowhere can I find anything that handles AC plus baseboard heat.

Did I miss something?

Since this seems to be the end-all thread on electric baseboard thermostat’s, I figured I’d post this here.

Moving to a new place in a few weeks and looking to replace all 15 thermostats with smart thermostats. I’ll be bringing over all of my light switches, door locks, sensors, etc… which are all zwave. Although with 15 thermostats and at least 1 in every room, I don’t envision there’d be any issues if I went Zigbee or Zwave. In fact, building a Zigbee network alongside the Zwave network may benefit me down the road if I want to add a device that’s Zigbee only.

The 2 devices I’m looking at are the Stelpro Ki STZW402+ (Zwave) and the Sinope TH1124ZB (Zigbee).

Feature wise, the 2 look like they will fit my needs. The Stelpro unit’s are currently on sale from aartech for $76.99CAD each while the Sinope unit’s are $89.99CAD. I reached out to Sinope to see if they could get closer to the Stelco pricing based on purchasing 15 units, and their response was to buy the web programmable units that were on sale but not compatible with Smartthings or to keep checking their site in case they go on sale(I was clear in my inquiry I was looking to integrate into Smartthings and to purchase right away). That’s not at all what I was looking to do, and quite honestly I was very disappointed in this response. @CharlieSinope there is definitely room for improvement here from your sales team.

So as it sits, I’m about ready to pull the trigger on 15 Stelpro Ki thermostats, but figured I’d check here first to see if there’s anybody with experience on both. Is there any reason to justify the additional $220 expense to use Sinope thermostats over Stelpro?

Hi @MRobi,

Look at the following thread.
You will find people who used the Stelpro Ki Z-Wave thermostats.
You can then ask them your questions.

@MRobi, I don’t have experience with Stelpro units, but I have had 1 Sinope Zigbee baseboard thermostat and 1 Sinope Zigbee floor heating thermostat for about a year. Absolutely love them. No disconnection issues. Quiet relays. Crisp, automatically dimming displays. Outdoor temperature on displays is useful.

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I have both Sinope and Stelpro at my home. I’ve also originally developed the DTH (Device Type Handler) for the Zigbee Sinope.

I’d say that both the thermostat units are quite similar in terms of features and both are reliable.

IF you want to control your 15 baseboard thermostats in a smart way using the concepts of rooms/zones/schedules, I’d recommend to look into
the following smartapp:


@yvesracine having used both, would there be one you would choose over the other, or if features and reliability are similar would you go for the lower priced of the 2?

That app looks interesting. I made a pretty good piston in webcore to control my single mini split and wasn’t looking forward to building that out to 15 baseboard heaters and grouping them all together. I’ll check it out, thanks!


You can go for the lower price unless you have issues with your zwave mesh network, then zigbee is a better bet…

About the smartapp above, you can elect a master tstat,and all slave thermostats will follow the main tstat’s mode and setpoints…

On top of it, you can create some virtual zone devices composed of 1 to many rooms (it can be for each room or a group of rooms). You can then input a delta temp (+/- degrees) for your colder/hotter rooms…

The smartapp can also automatically turn off or sets the thermostats to eco when they are not part of the scheduled zones (ex. turn off the basement/ground floor thermostats and keep only the upstairs thermostats at night)…

You just need to configure your rooms/zones/schedules and associate your tstats and any ST connected motion sensors (to detect if the room is occupied) for each room and you’re done.


For any future searchers reading through this thread, I opted to go with 15 of the Sinope TH1124ZB thermostats for the new house. Now we’re just waiting to move so I can get them all setup!

@yvesracine I’ve been reading about your ScheduleTstatZones app and it looks like there’s a ton of thought and development that’s gone into it. I do have a few questions regarding if it will work in my specific application, but instead of tying up this thread I’ll post them in the app’s thread.

@CharlieSinope I was having some issues with the custom DTHs for my TH1123ZB and TH1300ZB so I went to the Sinope website to see if there was an update. However, what I found seems to be in error or at least maybe really old.

First, I went to:
https://support.sinopetech.com/en/thermostat/documentation (nice redesign!)
Then I selected both the thermostat DTHs which have links to:
TH1123ZB: https://support.sinopetech.com/en/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2019/08/Sinope-Technologies-Zigbee-Thermostat-V.1.0.0-SVN-547-1.txt
TH1300ZB: https://support.sinopetech.com/en/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2019/08/Sinope-Technologies-Zigbee-Thermostat-V.1.0.0-SVN-547-2.txt

The weird thing is that these URLs are different but the code appears to be identical. Although it mentions both thermostats in the fingerprint section, I noticed that there seemed to be fewer features and in the case of the floor heating thermostat, all of the settings for the floor are gone.

I am assuming that this is an error but can you assist in sorting this out and/or correcting it?

Actually I also just noticed that there are now some Sinope DTHs available:

What’s the story on these? I didn’t find any reference anywhere to them from you or on the Sinope website.

Hi Warren,

Sinopé’s products are now native to SmartThings.

You don’t need to install the drivers anymore.

We are sorry for the confusion.

The Sinopé Team

@CharlieSinope, can you give a non-tech guy a paint-by-numbers approach as to what I should do if I’m currently using drivers?

Should I delete the drivers and add Sinope thermostats via the app (the classic android Smarthings app doesn’t seem to list Sinope; but the new app does?). Should I add Sinope first and then remove the drivers or vice versa?

What if I’m using Webcore…will I lose my settings if I delete the driver and add the thermostats directly?

Sorry for what may be basic questions!

HI=i @BGrudgingLee

I f you are currently using the drivers and it works well for you, you don’t need to do anything.

If you want to use the native integration on the SmartThings app, you need to reset the connection by pressing your device two buttons for 10 sec and then add it again to SmartThings.

You will likely lose your WebCore info.

@CharlieSinope I just moved all of my thermostats over to the native integration and they now no longer show up in ANY thermostat control apps making them essentially non-programmable. Similar to v1.0.0 of the driver, the capability “thermostat” must be missing.

I was using v1.0.5 and like an idiot I deleted it before I noticed the missing functions.

EDIT: Thankfully they can still be programmed in webcore so I wrote myself a piston to handle this

Hi @MRobi
We are now native in the SmartThings App.
You don’t need to use the drivers anymore.
The Sinopé Team

@CharlieSinope what I’m saying here is that when I switched to the native integration, all my Sinope thermostats (15 of them) no longer show as a thermostat in any thermostat control app in ST.

Here’s a screenshot

So if I want to be able to use, for example, an app that will schedule the thermostats based on mode or time of day, or program them in any way at all, I can’t do that anymore. By switching to native integration all I can do is manually set each thermostat which at that point its no different than walking up and pressing the buttons.

The original v1.0.0 of the driver, before there was native integration, also had this issue because it was missing the line saying there was thermostat capabilities.

@CharlieSinope any update on this? It’d be great to have the thermostat capability re-added with the native integration so users can use these as programmable thermostats again instead of just manually.

Sorry for reviving an old thread, but trying to keep everything together.

Not sure if this is the same issue (it sounds like it?), but the new version of the Smartthings app for android recently stopped giving me the ability to control the temperature via the app. It’s missing that function. See screenshot:

If I understand things correctly, with native device handling now in place, I should delete this device handler…although I will likely ruin my Webcore settings?

Sorry if this is a simple question, but it’s driving me bonkers and I keep going around in circles trying to figure it out.

One other hint, the status of the heaters has always shown on the new app as “Checking status” (am I doing something wrong with that too?), but I’ve been able to change the temperature (at least by whole numbers), although the classic app (helpfully) allowed me to change by .5 increments. Again, am I doing something wrong or has that added functionality been removed?

Am I on drugs to think that the new app, which we’re now required to use, is worse/buggier than the old one or have I got some setting/understanding fundamentally screwy?

I don’t want to mess up my Webcore stuff as that took me forever to setup and I’m not sure really understand how it’s working!