Smart thermostat and Schedule

I just bought a couple of smart baseboard thermostats (Stelpro Zwave). They are working fine, I can control them manually in the Smartthings classic apps. The problem starts when I am trying to program/ schedule temperature change.

So what is the best way to program a thermostat? The thermostats come with 2 modes (Heat and Eco). So I was thing that I should be able to program a standard schedule on the Heat Mode. (11pm low temperature, 6am high temperature, 8am low temperature…) I would like to override the schedule by putting the thermostat in ECO mode (Locally on the thermostat or in the app) if I am going away on weekend.

Am I looking at it correctly?

I tried many different smartapps:
Virtual thermostat
Keep me comfortable
Thermostat mode director
5-2 day thermostat
Honeywell thermostat director
Programmable thermostat
Thermostat manager

None of them seems to use the preset/mode Heat and Eco…

Need advice.

You need to tweak the device handler to accept on and off commands
What dh are you using

Or reright a app to do it

Hi, please refer to my post under the electric baseboard thermostat control thread, my smartapp called ScheduleTstatZones can do this and much more…

To download the code, go to:


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I am using the default Device handler Stelpro Ki Thermostat