How Do I See What Threads I'm Watching?

(Ian Eicher) #1

Can someone help me find the area where I can see what threads I’m watching? If there isn’t one, can it be added please?

(Tim Slagle) #2

You can’t (that i know of). What you can do it “bookmark” a thread and then you click on your avatar in the top right and go to your bookmarks section.

(April Wong) #3

When you scroll down where you see “settings / invite / bookmark / share / flag / reply” . Right under there, there’s a circle with “Regular” on there. Click it, and press " Watching." You will be notified when someone replies on that thread - weather it’s a notification on the top right hand corner - or if you have settings set to email : You’ll get emails whenever someone replies.

(Ian Eicher) #4

I’m with you @April. But I’m watching around 20 threads and want to be able to reference them regardless of replies in the future. How do I do that?

(April Wong) #5

bookmark them, then! :slight_smile: you can bookmark a thread or a post. Thread is on the bottom, and posts are right close to where the favorites button is. (not to be mistaken for flagging though…)

it looks like a banner! :slight_smile:

(Discourse Support) #6

Hi, there! There is a way to do this! To see all topics in a particular notification state, select ‘Latest’ and add ?state= and then the name of the state (muted, regular, tracking, or watching) onto the end of the URL.

So to see the topics you’re watching:

I hope that helps!