Edit a SmartApp: Energy Saver


I am looking for the opposite of the Energy Saved SmartApp. If consumption gets BELOW a measure, switch off. Or even better if consumption stays below a number for X minutes, switch off.
Is there a way of editing a SmartApp?

The charger of my DIY tools batteries makes a bothering noise. The idea would be to switch it off as soon as the battery is full => consumption is below Y

Any idea?

I am not sure if you are familiar with CoRE or webCoRE but this is easy to do with either of those once you understand how to use them.

Here is a webCoRE piston that controls my TV. Based on a power range I can tell if it is idle and I turn it off.

webCoRE is still in beta, be warned.

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Looks exactly what i’m looking for, many thanks!
Already installed WebCore, now need to learn how it works :slight_smile:

Looks like I’m about to transfers my flow from Stringify to here and use this as my “Go To” when it comes to scripts and Smart Home…

Only regret? The Pistons do not seem to run locally on the ST hub. That would be brilliant in case of Internet/AWS outage

It hasn’t been an issue for me.

BTW - You can import the piston I posted above and change it to meet your needs.

Just done it, thanks :slight_smile:
I still need to install the socket in my tool cupboard, but this will be in place soon