webCoRE stuck in pause on App

In my haste to debug an issue with lights shutting off in my house randomly last night Routine corruption I started shutting off automations and Smartapps – I shut WebCore off (stupidly) hitting the toggle switch next to it in the Android app (instead of pausing all pistons in the app). So it looks like it switches off, but then a minute later toggles back by itself. Tried a second time, and just gave up, went on debugging.

This morning, noticed none of my pistons were firing. So I suspected that this switch had done something to mess it up. I tried re-Publishing the SmartApp, rebooting, the toggle switch was on but it wasn’t getting events. At some point after trying a bunch of stuff, I noticed the toggle had turned off. Great! Turn it on, right? nope. Still toggles off. If I went into the SmartApp and saved out, that seemed to activate it – I could see in the logs that pistons were subscribing. But still events were not flowing to the pistons. After trying another reboot, then trying this again, for some reason events are now flowing. Great, but I doubt that will survive a reboot of the hub, and the toggle next to webCoRE still shows that it’s off.

Sorry for the long play-by-play, but anyone else experience this and find a way to get it back to normal?

login to IDE at https://account.smartthings.com go to Locations then select smartapps… look for your webcore pistons in the list and click the Play button next to each piston and for your instance of webcore.

Thanks @jkp for the quick response – Play even on the pistons I want to be paused?

I’d recommend clicking play on each one and use the Pause option in the webcore dashboard for ones you do not want to run. Just so you don’t have any confusion in the future if you decide you want to use them again.

OK thanks @jkp – did that… (actually when you click one they all go from paused to play, so you have to click then browser reload … my eyes are now crossed and there’s drool at the corner of my mouth) but it’s done… unfortunately, the toggle switch state on the Automations page for webCoRE is still off. But hopefully it’ll stick the reboot.

test if your pistons work

Nope @jkp unfortunately it’s back to it’s half-on state after toggling Play for all the pistons in the IDE: pause/restart piston is showing in Logging that the piston is subscribing, but no events are making it through to webCoRE. What do you suggest?

WAIT! I just realized (face slap) that the pistons I changed in the IDE were showing a || and I changed them all to > which is EXACTLY the opposite of what I wanted.

Going to flip em all back now. Saliva drool coming up.

and if you click to enable your instance of webcore in the ST app… does it reflect as enabled?

Unfortunately… no, it’s disabled, I press it, the card dims for 30 seconds, comes back still disabled. Pistons are working still.

After about a minute, came back into Automations, now the toggle switch is gone next to the webCoRE smartapp card! Eeeek. (This actually makes more sense, since the IDE shows webcore itself cannot be paused!)

In the logs, I forgot to mention been seeing this message after a piston runs, a total of 17 times:

smartapp_pause called by smartAppName=webCoRE, value=250, smartAppVersionId=dcdbfd9d-0863-4833-a4fa-1a07888db479

in IDE, does your instance of webcore show as paused or playing?

you may want to ask ipaterson on the webcore forum if he is still around

i would say do a clean up and rebuild data cache but not sure that would help or pause/resume pistons in the webcore dashboard… i am reaching

Thanks @jkp as always – you’re always smart reaching! Appreciate it. IDE shows playing, and that it cannot be paused. I think this adds up with the toggle switch now being missing from the webCoRE smartapp card, so I think, thanks to you, you’ve helped make my automations whole again!