[EDGE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Driver for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

I’ve updated to the latest code for the lock user management DTH, but in the new smart things app, I still don’t have all of the options that the classic app has. See the screenshot below.

Any ideas what’s going on?

Normal. NewApp doesnt support custom tiles yet.

Well that’s really annoying. Smartthings is pushing us to use the new app but doesn’t support basic functions .Thanks for your help.

Do anyone know if this works with the Yale z-wave unit or Verisure z-wave unit in Norway?

If it’s a Yale Z-Wave module yes it’ll work. As I understand the Verisure is a WiFi lock.

Hi RBoy,
I note this post is somewhat old so I thought I would ask if any other locks have been tested.
I’m in Australia so most of the locks are hard to find. I can get the Yale Assure YRL256-ZW2 but only from the US. The closest lock I can get locally is the Luckly PGD628FSN but that isn’t z-wave compatible even with their PGH200 wifi hub. In my situation I can’t use a deadlock and require a lever.
thanks Frank

This device handler can be used with any Z-wave or Z-wave Plus lock (not WiFI). The zwave frequency doesn’t matter to the device handler but you should check that your hub and the lock zwave module use the same frequency (these are regional e.g. US, EU, Australia etc). If your hub and lock are both from the US, it should be fine.

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Thanks RBoy, so I should be doubly cautious about buying a lock from Amazon, which comes directly from the US, as it may use a different Z-wave frequency than the Smartthings Hub I have purchased here in Australia.

Correct …

Hi! I’m about to buy one to use with a strike lock. Does it work with Smartthings?

Was this actually resolved?

Don’t know. After I stopped trying to use Slot #1 for user codes, I have had no problems. I stored one of the default codes that came with the lock in Slot 1. I pull the codeUsed and codeName from the $args. This way I have no problems at all and I can reliably know if the door was unlocked manually (key), or using default code#1 or any of the other codes and based on who came in, I can activate certain lights to their rooms after dark.

Universal Enhanced Z-Wave/Plus Lock Device Handler - Version 04.07.01

  • Enable real time notifications and user unlock notifications for Schlage FE599/BE369 locks running on hub firmware 0.31.04
  • Added support for Kwikset 913

This DTH update is required for Schlage FE599/BE369 locks running on the latest hub firmware 0.31.04 release. Installing this DTH update will automatically enable real time updates and user notifications for Schlage FE599 and Schlage BE369 locks.

In some cases it may help to exclude and re-pair your lock to enable user notifications from the lock, in most cases updating the device handler and physically unlocking/locking the lock a few times should automatically enable user notifications.

Please make sure that your lock is within 20ft of a buffering device/repeater for best performance.

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@RBoy, Using your latest Device Handler, and with the new firmware 0.31.04, I am finally getting notifications again from my Schlage FE599 Door Lock. However, the displays are not correct in the new app. They appear correct in the Classic app. I have even excluded, and then re-pair the lock (a painful process) with the same results.
It adds a "Contact Sensor"and a “Smoke Detector” in the new app.

Happy to hear it’s got your FE599 notifications working again. The UI issue is due to the platform caching the old DTH layout. The only way to clear the cache and reset the UI is to delete the device, the code and DTH entirely, re create it and then pair the lock. We’re also working with ST on an updated UI for the new app in the near future so stay tuned.


How near is “near future”? Is it like ST near future?

Now that custom VID and capabilities is released, do you plan to bring custom vid for different locks? I see Smarttings use different vid for each device within the same DH in some of their stock DH. Would be great if the app could display what the lock actually supports.

Just a quick question, if I was to delete the lock, lum & dth and repair & reinstall, would I see any new differences, maybe something with the U.I.

There are so many posts and I unfortunately can’t read through them all, I’m in a bit of a hurry to get this lock super cheap.

The ID Lock 150 supports unlocking by using small chips that can be injected into your hand. This is something I want to do.

I just want to make sure that this will work together with SmartThings, ID Lock and RBoy Apps before I run out to get the lock for half price and buy RBoy Apps only to learn that the feature somehow wouldn’t work in this specific combination?


Sound super cool and brave! Where are you getting injectable tags compatible with IDLock? (the default tags are a key fob size)

The device handler can report the usage of keypad users and RFID users (which can be used by apps like LUM, RLA and other apps to create actions and notifications for each user) and also report the door open/close state. It can also control a host of other features (auto lock, audio etc) for IDLock 150. Keep in mind that Smartthings can currently only program keypad users remotely, you’ll have to program the RFiD tags directly on the lock.

For a complete list of supported features for each lock model check out the first post.