Edge for neo-coolcam-multi sensor?

Looking for Edge driver.
Neo multi sensor

The Community drivers support these Neo Coolcam sensor fingerprints:

  • 0258-0003-0082
  • 0258-0003-1082
  • 0258-0003-0085
  • 0258-0003-1085
  • 0258-0003-2085
  • 0258-0003-008D
  • 0258-0003-108D

You can check your device’s fingerprint in the web API - it’s a concatenation of mfr-prod-model in the “raw description” field.

These are not (yet) supported - I think all that’s needed is for their fingerprints to be added:

  • 0258-0003-0083
  • 0258-0003-1083

I posted this in the Edge driver request thread but I think I just need to put together a “pull request.”