(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc

Hi, I am using this driver with Cree zigbee bulb. Despite the driver setting to remain off after power failure, the bulb turns back on when power resumes. Is there a way to stop this? Thanks.


  • name: “restoreState”
    title: “ATTEMPT Restore State if Power Lost”
    description: “WARNNING: COULD NOT WORK. After the power supply is back on, the State can be restored to previous state or remain switched off (Default: Device restores previous state)”

According to preference description, the driver will try to configure it, but it may not work.

That depends on whether the bulb supports that function and very few does not support or use a cluster and custom attribute that I don’t know about.

The driver uses the standard Zigbee cluster and attribute and the custom Tuya cluster and attribute.

If you know if Cree bulbs support that function and what cluster, attribute and values they use, you can share it and I will add it to the driver.

I’m don’t know if it’s supported. Are you aware of any brand of bulbs that do support this?

this user try 3 model and Ecosmart works fine

Any idea why all my Ikea Tradfri bulbs have stopped responding (on/off, dimming, color temp, etc)?

Tried reinstalling some bulbs, but that did not change anything.

If you haven’t heard about this before, then any suggestions on what I should look for?

I have a considerable amount of bulbs in my house.

Have enjoyed some of your other drivers which are working well, so thank you for those.

Has anyone had an issue with the lights not turning off when blink is on?

If I have my lights blinking and turn the LED off from the app, the strip will keep blinking.

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