(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc

Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo, could you please add a Sengled remote to your awesome driver?
“deviceManufacturerCode”: “sengled”
“deviceModel”: “E1E-G7F”

Hi @WallyLviv

Sorry, I have not any driver for multibutton devices

Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo,

I have another GLEDOPTO to be added. This a RGBCCT GU10 Pro Zigbee 3.0.

Data * application: 01

  • endpointId: 0B
  • firmwareFullVersion: 20013001
  • firmwareImageType: 5172
  • firmwareManufacturerCode: 4687
  • manufacturer: GLEDOPTO
  • model: GL-S-006P
  • zigbeeNodeType: ROUTER
    Raw Description 0B 0104 010D 01 08 0000 0003 0004 0005 0006 0008 0300 1000 01 0019

It works fine with non-edge driver and it has a 2700k to 6500k white range.

Thank you very much!

Hi @KrankyFranky

Added to this driver version

 Name         Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc             
 Version      2023-03-28T19:36:52.733378487        
- id: "GLEDOPTO/GL-S-006P"
    deviceLabel: GLEDOPTO GL-S-006P
    manufacturer: GLEDOPTO
    model: GL-S-006P
    deviceProfileName: rgbw-level-colortemp-2700-6500
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Please check your GitHub repo for a pull request to add Sengled E1F-N9G.

It has been fully tested as working in my environment.

As a side note, I was looking at my devices in “graph” and noticed that all of my devices that were switched to your driver show up as though they are DTH devices even though they are clearly using edge drivers.

See here for an example of what I mean: https://imgur.com/a/cPLwdjp

All my other edge devices show up as “placeholder”.

Hi @pbarrette

ElIDE is not used to view information from devices with Edge drivers.

In your screenshot, the last update date was 2022-12-08, when the device should have been migrated

If in the details view, settings menu have the driver option then you are using an Edge driver

You can use this API viewer made by @TAustin

I’ll update it when I have a while, I’m a bit busy right now

Added to this driver version

 Name         Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc
 Version      2023-04-01T16:52:57.808853467
- id: "Sengled/E1F-N9G"
    deviceLabel: Sengled E1F-N9G
    manufacturer: sengled
    model: E1F-N9G
    deviceProfileName: switch-level

Is there anyway to actually controller the addressable capabilities of the lights through the integration/gledopto controller? I find it pretty useless and mostly only capable of being used as a standard RGB/W LED strip. Want to be able to control the advanced functions.

Hi @nismos14

I don’t have any GLEDOPTO controller and I don’t know what you mean by using the advanced functions.

If you bought this to use its advanced features without having the tools to use them I think you did a bad deal.

If you find the driver pretty useful, you don’t have to use it and look for a better one

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Thanks, I’m not knocking what you’ve done, just disappointed with the lack of function from the device.
Trying to see if anyone had any luck with it in Smartthings.

And same thing with gledopto led driver…

Don’t know what’s happening. I can get devices off and automatic color change works, but I can’t get devices on. 2 devices stopped working with this driver only one bulb works anymore…

Are you in the hub beta program and have you received firmware 47.10?

I’m in beta, but apparently I have version 46.10

If you are in the beta firmware program you should have 47.10 since yesterday.

try to reboot the hub to see if it fixes or reinstall the driver

Are your hub a smart wifi?

I have aoetec hub and reboot didn’t do anything. Don’t understand this… I have plenty of different drivers and all works. This yours driver did work but about month ago ikea trådfri led driver stopped working and today gledopto driver.

The driver has not been updated since April 1, so nothing has changed in the driver yesterday. I do not understand it either

 Name         Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc
 Version      2023-04-01T16:52:57.808853467

Try to reinstall the device(s) or reinstall the driver using the CLI

Mariano, when I searched for this TS0502B it is listed in your drivers, but as a light bulb? When I added it, it came in under DTH even though I have your Zigbee Thing Mc driver installed, does it need adding to your drivers or is it me?

It is a LED light strip (which of course could be considered a bulb white only 2700-6500K.

Let me know if you need any other information.

Zigbee Id A4C1384DB7E77467
Device Network Id 7CDA
Hub Home Hub
Group Kitchen
Last Activity At 2023-04-08 1:18 PM PDT
Date Created 2023-04-08 12:52 PM PDT
Last Updated 2023-04-08 1:19 PM PDT
Data * application: 41

Hi @NickA

Added to this driver version

 Name         Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc              
 Version      2023-04-09T10:13:27.741839278        
- id: "_TZ3210_ksqwlz9v/TS0502B"
    deviceLabel: TS0502B LED
    manufacturer: _TZ3210_ksqwlz9v
    model: TS0502B
    deviceProfileName: level-colortemp-2000-6500


As always Thank You, it appears to be working well.

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