(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Drivers for Motion, Open/Close, Moisture, Smoke-Co Sensors and others Devices


Here you go.



Manufacturer: _TZ3000_bnai1qnw

FingerPrinted_EndPoint.Id: 0x01

App Version: Unknown

ZCL Version:

Network ID: 0xFD59

Zigbee EUI:

Device ID:

Server Cluster:
Ep: 0x01={ 0001,0003,0500,0000 }

Client Clusters:
Ep: 0x01={ 0003,0004,0005,0006,0008,1000,0019,
000A }

Signal Metrics:

Hi @dillans147

Added to this driver version

 Name         Zigbee Contact Mc
 Version      2023-11-16T10:51:12.229277495        
- id: "_TZ3000_bnai1qnw/TS0203"
    deviceLabel: Samotech SM300Z Contact Sensor
    manufacturer: _TZ3000_bnai1qnw
    model: TS0203
    deviceProfileName: contact-battery-profile

perfect thanks.

I have 2 natural gas sensors as seen here: https://www.aliexpress.us/item/2251832654305415.html?gatewayAdapt=glo2usa4itemAdapt could anyone please help with an edge driver?

Hi, do anyone know if any of these edge driver here works for Aqara Smoke Sensor JY-GZ-01AQ?

Hi @Tin_Hwee_Wang

Pair your device with zigbee thing Mc and publish the fingerprint information and clusters it uses. With that information I could see if it can work with a standard driver.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo thanks.
See below

Hi @Tin_Hwee_Wang

This device exist in the driver Zigbee Smoke/CO Detector Mc since one year ago

# added after 15 oct
  - id: "LUMI/smoke.acn03"
    deviceLabel: LUMI Smoke.acn03
    manufacturer: LUMI
    model: lumi.sensor_smoke.acn03
    deviceProfileName: smoke-battery

Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo . Do you happen to know if the tuya devices offline issue has any workaround? I am trying to find recent discussions about it. but, in the meantime I thought of asking if you happen to know of it.
Specifically TS0207 water leak sensors report offline after few hours of inactivity because of hardware limitations from what I understand. ([EDGE] Tuya Leak Sensor TS0207 ** NOT RECOMMENDED **)
So, just curious if there was any hack to fix this instead.

Hi @blitz79

There are no tricks that solve these problems.

Other times I have recommended this to other users


@Mariano_Colmenarejo thanks. Let me add the driver and test tonight. Appreciated


I have the following Tuya motion sensor working with your driver “ZigBee Motion Sensor Mc”

The motion works as expected, but battery level never shows. I have deleted and repaired it several times sitting on top of my hub. It always picks up your driver. It has been over 24 hrs.

Hi Paul,
Can you send me a log of the pairing to see if it accepts configuration correctly?
Use the default battery settings and it should work and send value every 6 hours

I will send you pairing logs in a couple days. Tomorrow (Thursday) is US Thanksgiving Day.

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Hi Mariano,
Can you add this device?
Thank you.

Manufacturer : _TZ3000_z|1kmjqx
Model : TY0201

Hi @JayN

Added to this driver version

You need to delete device and pair with this driver version

 Name         Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc
 Version      2023-11-25T16:41:00.766461358
- id: "_TZ3000_zl1kmjqx/TY0201"
    deviceLabel: Tuya TS0201
    manufacturer: _TZ3000_zl1kmjqx
    model: TY0201
    deviceProfileName: temp-humid-battery

Added to this driver version too

 Name         Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat Mc 
 Version      2023-11-25T16:45:07.506945079
- id: "_TZ3000_zl1kmjqx/TY0201"
    deviceLabel: Tuya TS0201
    manufacturer: _TZ3000_zl1kmjqx
    model: TY0201
    deviceProfileName: temp-humid-therm-battery-05


I brought the Tuya motion sensor home from camp, so I could capture the logs. I paired it at home and ran the logs. About 24 hrs. later the battery readings appeared, so there does not appear to be a problem. The following are the logs for dc415d65-49c9-42de-a3b7-b4befea93f60: They also contain other information since I use that driver for many devises.

Hi Paul,

The device has responded correctly to the battery reporting setting, which is 6 hours or 1% changes

IASZone has also been configured correctly, so it should work fine.

In this driver, the IASZone report interval is customizable from 300 sec, which is the default interval, up to 3600 sec.

If you have many devices and want to reduce Zigbee message traffic, you can increase that interval.

And I have it at 3600 sec and it works very well.

For the device to accept the change you must wake it up with an event just when you change the value in preferences.

You can see with the CLI if it has accepted the change by looking for this response one or 2 seconds after changing the value.

2023-11-23T04:44:57.712399728+00:00 INFO Zigbee Motion Sensor Mc <ZigbeeDevice: dc415d65-49c9-42de-a3b7-b4befea93f60 [0x12F3] (TS0202 Motion Sensor)> received Zigbee message: < ZigbeeMessageRx || type: 0x00, < AddressHeader || src_addr: 0x12F3, src_endpoint: 0x01, dest_addr: 0x0000, dest_endpoint: 0x01, profile: 0x0104, cluster: IASZone >, lqi: 0xFD, rssi: -41, body_length: 0x0007, < ZCLMessageBody || < ZCLHeader || frame_ctrl: 0x18, seqno: 0x0B, ZCLCommandId: 0x07 >, < ConfigureReportingResponse || < ConfigureReportingResponseRecord || ZclStatus: SUCCESS, direction: 0x00, attr_id: 0x0002 > > > >