(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Drivers for Motion, Open/Close, Moisture, Smoke-Co Sensors and others Devices

That was so well argumented! I completely understand your point of view and last sentence sums it up well. For me this is a hobby and experimenting is big part of it.

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Published the version 2.2 of the edge Driver Zigbee Level Color Temperature Bulb:

  • Added custom presentations for colortemperature range 2700k to 6000k for profile of Lidl bulbs
  • Added custom presentations for colortemperature range 2700k to 6500k for profile of Ecosmart-ZBT-A19-CCT-Bulb & Osram LIGHTIFY BR Tunable White.
  • Bugs fixed: Installation detect nil cache variable values

NOTE: If the profile changes are not applied well on already installed bulbs, you may have to uninstall the bulb in the app and then press + and search nearby to reinstall it.


Thank you @Mariano_Colmenarejo . I will test as soon as geys uploaded to my hub, and let you know if there are any issues.

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I just got updated driver on hub. I had to remove/add bulb again.
So far everything works. No issues with Temperature Level (2700-6500K) or Dimmer.
Thank you.
Now it’s time to add driver to all other lights and modify Automations.
One note to everyone, place dummy device (virtual switch) in each Automation, prior to removing Groovy device, as you will probably loose those automations when devices are deleted. Dummy device will have app keep Automations, and when you add Edge device, add them back to automation, and remove dummy.


New Edge Driver for SmartThings Zigbee Motion Sensor GP-U999SJVLBEA:

  • SmartThings Motion Sensor manufactured by Samjin. It worked with the DTH SmartSense Motion Sensor.
  • Add in preferences the Temperature Reports Settings to customize temperature precision and to optimize battery consumption.
    • Maximum interval Temperature report: Adjustable between 5 and 240 min.
    • Reportable Temperature Change: Adjustable between 1º and 6º

This sensor could have been added to the zigbee motion Driver, but for the temperature report settings to work I would have to also modify the Motion Sensor IRIS model 1117-S sensor and I have not one to test.

I will post it tomorrow on the channel and update the list of drivers


I update the list of Edge Drivers published in my channel (Sep-29)
SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.

  • Zigbee switch:
    • Moes MS-104Z switch
    • SAMOTECH MS-104Z switch
    • 3A SMart Switch
    • eWeLink Switch
    • Lidl Plug
  • zigbee Level Color Temperature bulb:
    With Settings for optional progressive Turn-ON & OFF
    • Lidl Level & Color Temp Bulb
    • Ecosmart-ZBT-A19-CCT-Bulb
    • Osram LIGHTIFY BR Tunable White
    • Osram zigbee Classic
    • Sengled E11-G13
  • zigbee contact:
    • All Devices in ST Beta stock driver
    • Lidl Contact Sensor
  • zigbee motion sensor:
    • All Devices in ST Beta Driver stock
    • Lidl Motion Sensor
    • Added: ST Motion Sensor (Samjin) with settings for temperature reports (Oct 2021)
    • Modified Iris Multiporpuse Sensor forsettings for temperature reports(Oct 2021)
  • SmartThings multiportuse sensor:
    • Two Models in ST Driver Beta
      With settings for temperature Reports
  • SmartThings Motion sensor:
    • GP-U999SJVLBEA
      With settings for temperature Reports
  • Zigbee Valve : (Oct 2021)
    • Tested on the water or gas valve, without battery:
    • Tuya zigbee 3.0
    • manufacturer: _TYZB01_rifa0wlb, model: TS0011

Hi Mariano,
I am new here. In fact, this is my first post. I have enrolled to your Edge Channel. I just wanted to check if it’s possible for you to help add the Zemismart Push Zigbee Switch in the Zigbee switch list.


Thanks in advance.


Is it a simple switch?
is it a momentary push switch?
do you have it installed in smartthings to see the model and manufacturer in IDE?


it’s just a simple switch and not momentary. Not sure why they called it push switch.

Anyway, here’s the IDE details:


Thanks again.

Wath DTH use, Zigbee switch,?

As soon as I can, I integrate it into the zigbee switch driver and I will notify you when I publish it.
Try it and you will tell us if it works well

it’s actually using this DTH. not sure if this can be easily done.


No rush man. Please do it at your most convenient time. Thanks a lot.

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This DTH is specific to work with the single, double, triple switch …
We will try to see


There are treads for this kind of switches, related to Groovy, and they’re having hard time, making them work correctly.

I have published a “Zigbee Level ColorTemperature Light” drive so that you can test how the driver change works in the App.

-This driver is the same as the “Zigbee Level ColorTemperature Bulb”, but has no settings for Progressive Turn ON-OFF.

Changing the driver usually works fine, but sometimes it gives “network error”. Ignore it and don’t click on using this driver again.

  • Go back leaving the details view, wait about 15 sec and go back into the details view and verify the driver you have installed. 90% of the cases I have installed it well.
  • If the driver has not changed, make the change again.
    Thedriver change process is sometimes a bit slower and some times out and the error pops up. In the logcat you can see that the change is in process.

@nayelyz, Perhaps this response waiting time should be extended since if you insist on reloading the same driver it can give problems, since it tries to do a lifecycle removed from the driver in which it is no longer and a new installation of the driver that may be in installation process.

I put a link to two videos, one with the change driver error, but well done and another working fine

I have added the zemismart ks-811-zb switch to the “zigbee switch” driver.

Try to see if it works:

  • install the driver
  • uninstall the switch from the app
  • Click on add device and search nearby.
  • If idevice is reinstalled with the DTH instead of the driver, you will have to delete the DTH. It has ever happened to me.

I don’t know if it will work well!

You will tell us!!

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Ok, actually, we have noticed that trying to change between drivers that don’t have the same configuration in the device profile causes the issue. I already reported it, the engineering team will decide the next steps regarding this tool and the displayed errors.
So, please consider this when you change the driver through the app. In that case, it would be easier to re-install the device.

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The error appears, but the process was successful, but it took longer.
In the video it looks good.

Indeed, these drivers have different profiles, one has a default presentation and the other has a custom one.

In the logcat you can see that the installation process begins a few seconds later

@nayelyz and @Mariano_Colmenarejo i have successfully swapped drivers both ways without to much issues, besides Network error that went away.
Anyway, issue with Temperature jumps still exist :frowning:.
Maybe engineers need to look at Zigbee libraries

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Thank you for this verification @Mariano_Colmenarejo and @milandjurovic71.
I already reported the issue with the info that Mariano provided, so, I’ll let you know the feedback of the engineering team.


New version 2.0 of the Edge Driver “Zigbee Motion Sensor”:


  • Version Info in preferences: Version 2.0 (Oct 2021)
  • Added: ST Motion Sensor (Samjin) with settings for temperature reports
  • Modified Iris Multiporpuse Sensor for settings of temperature reports.

If you have installed ST sensors with the “ST Motion Sensor” Driver and others with “Zigbee Motion Sensor” you can change your ST sensors to the “Zegbee Motion Sensor” driver with the Change Driver tool in the Driver menu of the HUB and thus have installed only one Driver.

The MultiPurpose Iris Sensor is untested, in case anyone wants to give it a try.