(EDGE Driver-Mc): Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc. Added Inovelli Gen1 Dimmers (NZW31) and Gen1 Switch (NZW30)


I hope everything goes well, that’s the important thing.

When you can and want, let me know

Thanks a lot, your very quick.
Though there seems to be something wrong. I can only control switch 1, switch 2 seems to be missing.

Switch1 component is the secondary switch.

You can create a child independent device in preferences settings

I just have that, which does not allow me to control the switch 2

How can I add an association group?

Hi @tomkaja

In preferences, create the configurator device. Appear in the room where your hub is. Open the device and in preferences select one of the options

Device Association Groups Scan

Device Association Groups Configure

The steps to follow will appear on the first screen.

It is essential to have the device documentation to know which groups can be configured.

Here is the link to the association configuration post.

You’re genius.
Unfortunately I’m not. I do still have the issue that I can’t find how to configure to control the two switches individually.
And, I can’t find the network ID of the switch.

Ho @tomkaja

Sorry, I don’t understand what your real problem is.
If you press main, the main and switch1 physical turn on and if you press switch1, do they both turn on too?

The “main” component of the app controls physical switch 1 and app switch 1 controls physical switch 2. Smartthing stuff! There is no switch2 component in the app.

What exact device is it, fingerprints?

Well, the main switch always controls both switches. Thus, I cannot only control switch 1 individuelly.
Product ID is 0x5102

Need manufacturer and product type too

Manufacturer 0x015F
Product type 0x4121
Product ID 0x5102

To help you, I need the information I ask for.
Can’t you post the complete information to see what type of device it is?

Sure, sorry.

I need see all info, all command class for the endpoint 1, to assign the correct profile.

i do not see command class Meter for power and energy capabilities and the total endpoints number, 2?


I’ve been checking the driver.
I added it about two weeks ago, with the dual-metering-switch profile, just like other dual-switch MCO devices.

The assignment of endpoints and components may not have been configured correctly.

I would recommend that you exclude it and or add it back to the driver to see if it is configured correctly.

If the main switch and switch1 still do not work independently, you would have to send me the logs with the CLI to see what the device is sending to the driver

I see now the command class 2, after re-including the switch again. But still not able to individually control the switches

I see that this device does not support power and energy.

I have looked for the documentation for the device on the manufacturer’s website, but I don’t know exactly what commercial model it is, since the manufacturer does not publish the fingerprints nor can I find them in the zwave alliance.

If you can provide me with the documentation or a link to it.

This is a tutorial to capture the message logs when you press on and off on each switch in the app.


Added to the correct profile dual switch without power and energy

 Name         Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc
 Version      2023-09-13T15:37:30.769370071        
- id: 015F/4121/5102
    deviceLabel: MCO Double Switch
    manufacturerId: 0x015F
    productType: 0x4121
    productId: 0x5102
    deviceProfileName: dual-switch
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You’re awesome. Now as I have the latest version it works. Thanks so much.

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I have now another two problem childs. Both are 4gang Switches from MCO which I cannot properly configure with the driver. Other 4gang Switches I have work properly.
Here the device info.

Your device shows 0000 in the fingerprints.
This means that it has not been paired correctly. You usually need to move it closer to the hub during pairing.