(EDGE Driver-Mc): Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc (virtual Switch Mirror, Virtual Calendar and virtual Switch Board...)

(New Release) Edge Driver Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc:


  • Seeing that some users @BlackRose67 or @DaWeav need timers to perform routines every X number of days, I have added a new virtual device called “Timer Number of Days”
  • It has a “Local Hour Offset” capability to introduce the offset of our local time with the GMT time handled by the LUA driver. It is very important to enter this value.
  • It has the Switch capability that goes to “On” when fulfilled
  • This device has a “Timer For Number Of Days” capability where you enter the number of days needed for the timer (from 0 to 500 days)
    • Value 0: stop the timer
    • Any value > 0 and <= 500: starts the timer and calculates the day that the switch will be activated at 00:00.
  • The “Timer Next Change” capability will show the next activation date of the Switch, updated every timer cycle init.

  • To facilitate the creation of the timer without having to enter the start day of the timer when the day that Timer is created is not the start day, it can be done as in this example.

  • In the case of @BlackRose67 who wants every 14 days and it’s Friday to execute a Routine to turn on some lights:

    • Today Monday 2022/11/21 we introduce in “Timer For Number Of Days” the days remaining for the first Friday that we want the routine to run: 4 days (2022/11/25)

  • We create the routine:
  • IF:
    • Time = 09:00 am
    • device “Timer Number of Day” Switch = “On”
  • THEN:
    • Light X Turn On
    • Timer For Number Of Days = 14 Days

  • In this way the routine will be reconfigured to run again every 14 days and Friday

  • The switch will remain in the “On” state for 24 hours to be able to execute the routines as precondition throughout the day

  • The switch will go to the “Off” state the following day at 00:00 hours or if it is turned off voluntarily by the user.

I have tested that it maintains the operation of the timer variables with the initialization of the driver by driver update or by reboot and shutdown of the Hub
If you find something that doesn’t work well please let me know.

The update will be done automatically or by installing it manually with the CLI.

New driver version

 Name         Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc
 Version      2022-11-21T18:18:25.171873479