[Edge] Driver for Aqara Switches and Remotes

Ok, no problem. I’ll clean up that log tonight, but I can’t test the device again until later on Saturday or Sunday.

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please let me know if it works.

Hi @veonua, I haven’t done any additional testing since my dth is working really well, including the child device. For now I’m going to wait. Thanks for your assistance.

ok, I’ll remove the fingerprints then

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Thanks for the driver, @veonua . It works perfectly for my Aqara QBKG23LM (1-gang, with neutral) and QBKG24LM (2-gang with neutral).

Would you consider adding support for QBKG26LM (-3-gang with neutral) ?

but where is the button to install Aqara button …
I found nothing in the list of drivers to install …

It is difficult to develop blindly. QBKG26LM is unlike anything I have at home.

search for Xiaomi Switch

Thank you …

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