[Edge] Driver for Aqara Switches and Remotes

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All is working now thanks.

Updated to 1.4 and now all devices are responding as expected.

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Hi, does this driver work with Aqara 3Gang Neutral wall switch? I’ve added but the 3gang switch reflect as 1 icon on the dashboard and you need to go into the icon to control left, middle and right button. Which do not really work well when you need to control them individually from the dashboard.

the dashboard view customization is unreasonably difficult, and useless to me as I prefer the GHome dashboard.
The easy way to solve it is to use virtual devices.

You are welcome to create a PR on GitHub.

Are you able to point me to the link to a step-by-step of using a virtual device? Thank you.

try (New Release) Edge Driver Virtual Appliances Mc (virtual Switch Mirror and virtual Switch Board)

Thank you so much for pointing me. Somehow, I am not so familiar and I did not manage to get it to work.

Great job with these @veonua

I’ve been setting my Aqara cube which is so much easier from a single tile, without need to go create a bunch of core pistons.

I have a question though, as the cube does not run any automations on “Tap” and it does not show up in the history either. What is the actual physical function to activate this? So far I’ve tried single, double, and many taps to the face up side.

it’s more like knock , i should rename it.

Hi @veonua
If I may ask, is there support for the following no-neutral aqara wall switches?

I have all 3 installed in my home and using legacy DTL handlers but would be glad to switch to edge drivers and help test them.

@veonua awesome job with these drivers. Work perfect. I apologize if I didn’t see this question or response in the thread, I’m using the Aqara Opple 6 button with your driver and it works great. Any chance you can add the 4 button Aqara Opple model (WXCJKG12LM) to the driver? Everytime I try to add it to ST, it doesn’t pick up your Aqara Button driver but it’s picked up as a Zigbee Thing and I can’t change the Driver. Weird thing is that it controls all my Zigbee bulbs and plugs even when not set up… Thanx in advance

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all of them are supported, please check

I have quite a number of xiaomi devices

Things that are working using your edge driver

Xiaomi motion sensor
Xiaomi button

Have problem pairing

Aqara switch single button WXKG03LM rev 1(it did appear once but not working then can’t be paired so far)

I have one problem for now which is i cant select xiaomi motion sensor in SHM but the device itself is working completely fine except problem with displaying the battery level (i got such problem with my IKEA 5 buttons remote stock edge driver so i dont bother)

Any idea what might be causing this?
Thanks for the edge driver

I still have plenty xiaomi devices to be tested like contact sensor, light sensor and temperature sensor

pairing is tough, you need to keep devices awake by clicking the pair button every 1-2 seconds until it’s paired (can take several mins). but not hold it, so it would not drop the connection a second time.

battery report comes a couple of times a day. and is never precise. just how it is

Yes understand the painful pairing as i was using the old DTH written by the community just can’t get it work with the edge driver, let me try other devices first, i still dont understand even if the xiaomi motion sensor has been paired and worked properly i iust can’t select it in Home Monitor as one of the sensor

Does anyone know if this works for the Aqara smart plug, that also measures energy consumption?

If you mean this one(ZNCZ12LM), yes I have using the edge driver, the only thing missing from it that is available when using the DTH is temperature, otherwise everything else works well.

This is the driver link for the one I’m using.

the linked thread doesn’t seem to contain the plugs though. I suppose you use both that driver you linked, and the one in this thread? It reports power consumption in smartthings as well?

Assuming you mean the ZNCZ12LM I have it running on my v3 hub via an Edge driver, see screenshot below. In this case specifically the Xiaomi plug driver but there are 3 others that picked it up also. With this specific driver I notice that the Voltage isn’t populating but that is okay for how I use it.

Will try the other 3 drivers and reply.

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Hi @veonua ,

Would you be able to add support for these two Aqara devices:

D1 Wireless Remote Switch (Double Rocker)
Zigbee ID: lumi.remote.b286acn02

Wall Switch (With Neutral, Single Rocker)
Model QBKG11LM
Zigbee ID: lumi.ctrl_ln1.aq1 | lumi.ctrl_ln1

Thank you for all the drivers you already provide!!

Best regards,