EcoSmart Zigbee Remote

Does anyone currently have these working that can share with the group? I still have several that I’d like to deploy.

I have it set up and working. What issue(s) are you having?

I just wasn’t sure from reading above the install instructions and which driver to use.

As I said above, mine are using stock drivers; “Zigbee Switch” for the bulb and “Zigbee Button” for the remote. I have the remote controlling not just the Ecobee bulb, but also Osram and Sengled bulbs in the same room.

I have some that look identical that are Linkind branded that will not work with ST, and I know they were rebranded by other companies, too. I wonder if there are different-enough versions, even with the Ecobee brand, that some won’t work?

Reading back, I noticed this

My Ecosmart bulbs are tunable white only, not RGB. Perhaps that’s what makes the difference.

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Is there any available driver with “Held” function for this button? Thanks