Ecolink Zigbee Door / Window Sensors keep going offline

So my Dad and I have the same Zigbee Ecolink model 4655BC0-R sensors on our windows. (separate homes) and the Ecolink devices closest to the hub keep dropping offline. Other of the same Ecolink sensor much further away I have no issue with. This is a fairly new issue within the last month, and I have tried replacing the battery even though is said it was at 45%.
A simple removal and replacement of he battery only fixes it for about 12 hours and it goes back offline.
This is not a Wifi interference issue and the 2 devices at my dads house and the two at my house are within 10 feet of the hub.
The only thing I can think of is a malfunctioning device that needs to be replaced.
I would try swapping the device with a one that never fails but they are attached using that amazing 3M double sided tape.
Below are the metrics and data on one device.
Anyone have any ideas?