Ecolink Tilt Sensor External Contacts


Firstly, apologies for opening a new thread on this but after searching for sometime I just can’t find my answer.

I have an Ecolink Tilt Sensor on my garage and it works great. I have another on the shelf begging me to deploy it somewhere. I believe these have external contact connectors on the board. I know folks have used the external contacts on the Ecolink contact sensors successfully. My question is, is there a handler out there for the tilt sensor that provides for setting the parameter to activate the external contacts?

EDIT: Upon further reading I’m wondering if setting a parameter is not required.

(Allan) #2

The external contacts mimic the regular contact closure. So you just use it as is.


Yes, thanks. I finally just tried it.

The tilt has to be ‘open’ though.

(Allan) #4

Tilt = contact in this regards. Either way same idea…sensor has to be “open” for the external contacts to work.