Ecolink PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO Motion Sensors All Showing Tamper

(Bryan) #1

After migrating from a ST account to a Samsung account yesterday, I noticed that all of my Ecolink PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO sensors have the tamper alert displayed. I’m seeing the same thing for all five of my sensors across two hubs in two locations. (No covers had been removed.) I don’t know that the account upgrade caused the issue, but I first noticed the error when looking around after upgrading.

Any thoughts?

(Steve Jackson) #2

It does not mean that it is not that cause of what you are seeing but I did not see that happen with my 2 ecolinks when I migrating.

(Steve Jackson) #3

It has nothing to do with the migration. ST must have made a change to the stock DTH. I just noticed that my Ecolinks ARE NOW showing tampered. I migrated quite awhile ago and the ecolinks were fine then. I also noticed that I now have a new button on my GoControl motion sensor that says “clear tamper”. I’m going to try and change the DTH of the ecolinks and change it back to see if I can clear the tamper indicator.

(Bryan) #4

Thanks. One of my sensors now displays “tamper clear”.

(Steve Jackson) #5

I cleared both of mine by removing the batteries for a few seconds.

(Bryan) #6

I did that as well. Support suggested rebooting the hub, but that did not clear them.

@ oldcomputerwiz I now have the battery % lower left under the “motion” pane and “tamper clear” centered under the motion pane. Is that what you have?

(Steve Jackson) #7

I figured it was easiest to just attach a screenshot.

(Bryan) #8

Lol, thanks. That’s what I have as well.

Support advised that they recently added “a tamper feature for devices using Z-Wave motion device handlers.”