Ecolink Motion Detector error - help

Using V3 hub, just setting up and getting error when pairing Ecolink Motion Sensors (PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO). Tried with 2 separate sensors and one previously worked fine on v2 hub.
Error is “Some security features not supported - Your device has been connected but it isn’t using the highest level of security. Use a newer Z-Wave device for the highest level of security”.
Let’s the device pair and tamper sensor on cover trips but motion will not function.
I excluded and repaired same error.
Any solutions?
Thank you,

ST hasn’t implemented something called S2 in their Zwave strategy yet, but they are. This is an expected message unfortunately. You’ll always get that error until ST implements S2.

Rejoin the motion sensor and look in the IDE’s live logging and hub event logs, as well as the device’s event log. For some reason it may not be getting all the configuration commands to process correctly. You could try leaving it joined and forcing a config, or rejoin right at the hub.

John - Thank you for your rapid reply. I am new getting back into Smartthings. Had v2 hub about 4 years ago. Could you please maybe give me a little detailed hand-holding on the process I should follow to get it up and running. Thank you in advance so much for your help!!!

Have you logged on to the IDE before what you had your previous hub via ? (using the same email credentials as the mobile app)

Before going into too much detail on the IDE and where stuff is location, I just want to be sure I’m not explaining stuff you may already know.

I did previously login to IDE. Haven’t yet with new Hub. This is my first device to add to new system. So any tutorial or tips would be appreciated.

So go ahead and get back into the IDE and make sure you see your v3 hub, and get yourself familiar with it again. You’ll need the IDE more than you think. If you still have the v2 hub, I suspect you’ll see that too. They should be listed under My Hubs. Each hub should also have it’s own Location, so you should see those too under My Locations.


For each hub you’ll have Events via List Events, and that’s where you can see events during the join process of your sensor (as you refresh the window). The device(s) will also be listed under each hub, and those will also have events to look at.

Do you still have that motion sensor joined to the hub, and has it started reporting motion now? Was it one that you had working on your v2 hub? If so, did you have any custom device handlers installed for it?

I believe that sensor is supported without a custom handler, so if it’s still not reporting motion I’d exclude it from all your hubs (to be safe), and rejoin it very close to the hub. Watch your hub’s event logs, as well as the look through the device’s event logs for configuration errors.

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