EcoLink Firefighter Wireless Audio Detector (FFZB1-ECO)

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Does anyone have experience of something like the EcoLink Firefighter? It is listed under the UK Products that work with ST page but upon looking for it, no one sells it. I went to the manufacturer and they say that it is only available in the US due to it needing a specific alarm rythmn (begging the question “why it is listed as a UK compatible ST Product”)

My question is, is there a similar item available in the UK which would with ST? I like the idea of leaving my current system installed as it interconnects CO,Smoke, and Heat Alarms - but having a sound sensing unit that “smart enables” the “legacy” system.


I would like to know this as well.

Personally I suspect the UK does not have a distinctive pattern used by all smoke alarms and hence there likely is not to be a UK version or equivalent of this product.

I am somewhat surprised the makers of this type of audio sensor do not have a training mode whereby you tell it to listen and learn.

It maybe listed as a UK compatible ST product because it can be connected to a UK Smartthings hub but can still only listen to US alarms.

Its listing on that page is a mistake on the part of SmartThings. :disappointed_relieved:

Smoke detector acoustic patterns in the US and UK are very different, not just in beep pattern but in decibel level and devices must be certified before sale as detecting correctly. It would not be legally permissible to have one that learned after sale.

Reportedly these complexities are why the Alexa Guard feature is not yet available in the UK.

That makes sense, I think what I might need to do is try one of the “diy” routes of using some form of dry sensor connected to the Remote cable of one of my alarms.

A trick I use is to stick a SmartThings multipurpose sensor to the side of the alarm, and have an automation that notifies after, say, 5 seconds of acceleration. Works a treat.

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