Alexa sound detection (UK)

Had a go at getting a Uk Alexa to recognise a smoke detector, Alexa lists the option as ‘beeping appliance’ which could be anything tbh it’s hardly explanatory

As an action Alexa sends a notification to the phone, Samsungs Bixby can have a routine to look for keywords in a notification and trigger an ST device or Scene So I set a scene to start a series of commands lights on, alarm sound

Testing with the play button in an Alexa routine resulted in a successful test BUT running multiple different beeping sounds right next to the correct Alexa device resulted in a total failure to hear any sort of beep, cooker, washing machine, timer ping or smoke detector sounds

Worth a shot but at least in the UK for me the Alexa beeping detection is a resounding fail

Anyone have any better luck ?

I thought smoke sensor detection wasn’t offered by Alexa in the UK? :thinking:

US and UK residential smoke detectors have very different sound patterns.

The US one is pretty simple: a specific beep pattern at a specific frequency at a specific decibel, repeated in exactly the same way each time. It’s quite easy for an acoustic sensor to detect.

The UK one is much more complex. Because of the number of brick houses sound doesn’t necessarily travel as far AND because of research that showed children awaken best to a different kind of alarm than adults, UK sensors allow for more changes. This becomes more difficult to detect with an acoustic sensor.

updated to correct after @fido noted below that it’s not a straightforward variation in volume.

Your info is not correct JD, UK smoke sensors work at a single frequency and decibel they do not start quite ?? Not sure where that info came from

Hopefully soon Amazon will release a Uk compliant version

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I didn’t say they change frequency.

I’ll find the spec later. But it’s definitely different for the UK than the US, as has been confirmed by multiple device manufacturers. (Fibaro has said that’s why they never made a US version.)

Nor did I JD but in the UK detectors do NOT start quietly for children, not sure about the States but we also have a single standard for detectors no matter what you buy or where you are

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Quieter isn’t the same as quietly, but in case I was wrong that it just gets louder: it’s more complicated than that.

I didn’t find the spec link yet, but meanwhile here’s one that discusses the differences between children and adults:

It’s also possible that some regulations have changed since Brexit.

Meanwhile, you might contact Amazon and ask them why they offer smoke alarm detection in the US and not the UK and see what they say.

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Already done that JD, got the usual thanks for suggestion blurb

Just to note Brexit has had no impact on how a detector sounds or works, the UK has one type of sound at a fixed volume for smoke detection, just because the UK mostly voted to leave the EU our detectors have and will remain unchanged

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