Does anyone have experience integrating smarthings hub with Abode?

I’d like to use Abode for home security but they do not support many devices so I cannot support some use cases such as turn lights on based on motion detection outdoors.And they don’t have the best camera options. And their devices are a bit expensive.

And I’d like to have one place to manage all my home automation (e.g. thermostat). I’m thinking I would use Smartthings for thermostat and lighting, but Abode for security devices.

Would this work? any direct experience?

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There are community members using both, but not together. Because abode limits you to so few automation rules (probably To ensure stability for the security side), it’s just turned out not to be a very good match for the home automation side.

Abode does have an IFTTT channel so you can have SmartThings respond to a change in abode alarm status or to an alarm going off.

@SBDOBRESCU could say more.

That’s what I do. But I don’t want to “mix and match” sensors between Abode and ST. I keep my security sensors away from possible interference (all Abode sensors are on 433Mghz, anyway) and keep the Abode hub unclogged. The only synchronization between hubs, is modes via IFTTT. If you are just starting and want to take the risk to mix and match sensors between the platforms, I’ve heard that Abode has recently certified the Aeon recessed contacts. You may be able to use those with both hubs (make Abode primary controller and ST secondary - just a thought - not sure if possible).

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@Caleb1 quick thoughts on IFTTT integration. Abode scheduling is not flexible. It’s super reliable on fixed times, but not able to schedule retriggers. I have been using ST successfully for a long time to automatically arm Abode at night. How?

Abode arms at 11 pm. If anyone disarms Abode, the IFTTT fires a recipe and turns off a ST switch. When switch turns off, ST schedules that switch to turn back on in 30 min. When switch turns on, another recipe fires to arm Abode. Kudos to ST ticker for not missing a beat, and sometimes this happens 2 or 3 times/night, several nights per week.

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I am very appreciative of this community.

If I want to turn my lights on based on motion outside my home (understanding the potential challenges with outdoor motion detectors), would you do that all through ST? And then just leave Abode to handle inside the house (e.g. door monitor, glass break, etc.?)

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My first layer is ST motion sensor (alerts and lights) and Arlo cams (security). My second layer is Abode door contacts. Inside, I have motion sensors from both Abode (for security) and ST (for lights).


would you recommend an outdoor motion sensor?

Many thanks again.

I have been pretty happy with Aeon Labs Gen5 (older version without uv sensor) in the front and back, but I am on the fence recommending them. With the one in the back, which is in direct sun light I’ve had maybe 3 incidents in over a year but restting to the factory and reincluding it worked every time. The one in the fron, which is covered, has worked flawlessly with no issues for the same period, but the motion died on me couple of days ago. I just ordered the new Aeon multisensor 6. Will see how long that lasts. Other than that, there arn’t many outdoor sensors available. Everspring has a solid one.