Ecobee3 Smartthings or echo

(Jeff Whitney) #1

I just bought an ecobee3. Any thoughts on which platform I should connect through, Smartthings or Amazon echo?

(Kurt Sanders) #2

I have both of my Ecobee’s connected to both!

@yvesracine has a paid offering that provides a robust display and management offering.

(Yves Racine) #3


Why do you need to choose?

With My Ecobee device, the thermostat connected to SmartThings can even give you some energy and comfort tips through the Ask Alexa smartapp…



On a related note, here is an article from CNET reporting rumors that the new Ecobee thermostat will have Alexa built in.

(Jeff Whitney) #5

I guess my question would be is there any advantage to connecting directly to echo rather than connecting to echo through smartthings?

(Yves Racine) #6

There is no advantages, only drawbacks, as you cannot benefit from the SmartThings integration. Anyway, integration to both is not incompatible.



There are more capabilities for controlling the Ecobee via SmartThings than with native Echo. There is a very robust ST development community and that platform is much more open and capable than just Echo by itself. You get the best of both worlds by using Echo for it’s strength (voice commands) and SmartThings for home automation control.

If you get a ST hub, I highly recommend @yvesracine DTH for maximum flexibility with the Ecobee.