Ecobee3 thermostat officially supported or not?


I see on the Smartthings web site it lists the Ecobee3 as a supported device
But when I go to add it as a device it is not listed ?? Only older Ecobee models.

Just wondering

I believe the standard model apps and device type will work although I’ve not tried them personally.

I tried using the standard Smart Si thermostat device, but it doesn’t work with the newer Ecobee3. I can sign into my ecobee account to add the devices and see my 2 thermostats, and in the SmartThings app I can see the thermostat temp displayed, but the up/down temp, fan, auto, etc. buttons do not do anything as far as I can tell. Is there a document/link describing how to add the ecobee3 without going through a bunch of programming steps. I also assumed it was easily supported, since it is listed on the main device web page here:

you should use the device type developed by @yvesracine if you want all the functionality of the ecobee 3

thanks all, may replace my Nest 2nd gen with an Ecobee3

The beauty of SmartThings is that everyone can work together to create devices and codes, but the short answer is: No, the Ecobee 3 is NOT officially supported (I asked SmartThings support and they confirmed this)

The long answer is below:

@StrykerSKS has been working hard on free Ecobee integration and it’s now live and works great (yves is not free, but has a lot more integration).

Take a look at the thread here for more info: [Release] Updated Open Source Ecobee Device Type and SmartApps

I’ve also included a summary of options in another thread here:

The Ecobee3 support is frustrating. On both sites Smarthings and Ecobee they claim that it “works with one another” found at the links below. When I emailed Smarthings about this they just told me that they are working on the integration and will provide it when they are happy with how it works, and that the image would be taken down. The image has not been taken down and that was over a month ago.

I find this very misleading and false advertisement. Originally I found the information on the links below and I ended up choosing the ecobee 3 over other smart thermostats. But since that information is incorrect and there is no official integration via smarthings my only options are to pay for a smartapp or control it via my echo and ifttt. Highly frustrated that I got duped by false and misleading information via both companies. If smartthings does not currently work with a device don’t advertise it as if it does!

It does work together, with community provided applications. To be honest, I am not sure what more an “official” integration would bring. I have the program in this link to incorporate my Ecobee 3 into Smartthings and utilize Rule Maker (a fantastic user authored program) to automate functions.

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Thanks zosobao for the reply.

I know that the devices can work together via community provided applications. But I only came across that information after I found out that the two devices are not integrated as advertised. Just venting my frustration that both websites claim that they work together similar to other officially integrated devices, which is not the case. I may look into StrykerSKS smartapp. Thanks again for the response and suggested work around, I appreciate it.