Ecobee3 Temp display in ST app


I recently integrated the Ecobee3 to ST and my temp on the ST app displays in F. The E3 is in Celsius ( I am in Canada) but I cannot get it to display in Celsius on the ST app. I have tried removing the E3 a couple of times already but always shows in F. All other functions work fine. I set it up as “Ecobee Smart Thermostat” as there is not specific E3 yet.

Any thoughts?

in android app go to:
main menu settings - My locations

desired locations settings (gear wheel)

on the bottom : Temperature scale
click on C

In my case it took 2 days to propagate change thru system, but it was time of major platform change.

yup, did that beforehand. Should have mentioned in the original post. I even went back and switched it to F (in the gear on my location) and switched it back… Still F.

It’s been like this for a week now. Just cant figure it out or its a bug…

Switch it back to celsius and if it doesn’t change within 2 days contact support, they can push it thru.

Hi @Lotuni,

I’m also in Canada, and the lack of Celsius support (and many other ecobee features) incited me
to develop my own custom Ecobee Device.

If you look at the ST stock ecobee Device type, the code is not using getTemperatureScale() which is required to determine the unit of scale for display.

So, you may want to look into My Ecobee Device, which supports both Farenheits & Celsius.

P.S. You may also want to expose your ecobee3’s remote sensors as individual ST sensors.

And many other smartapps around ecobee:

Please support the developer :grinning: