Ecobee3 - Official integration plans?

Are there any plans for an official integration with the Ecobee3 thermostats?

When they do I am getting one.

They need to get together with @yvesracine


The silence on this leads me to believe somethings up.

The latest I believe

The short answer is: No, the Ecobee 3 is NOT officially supported (I asked SmartThings support and they confirmed this)

The long answer is:

@StrykerSKS has been working hard on free Ecobee integration and it’s now live and works great (yvesrane’s code is not free, but has a lot more integration. I believe he’s selling it on his website now).

Take a look at the thread here for more info: [Release] Updated Open Source Ecobee Device Type and SmartApps

I’ve also included a summary of options in another thread here: