Ecobee3 Connected To ST

(Stephen) #1

Is anyone with an Ecobee3 still having trouble keeping it connected to ST? I lose connection every few days so my SmartTiles board isn’t up to date and I can’t change the thermostat temperature.

(Yves Racine) #2

Hi @drake0508,

Are you using the ST stock device or other version?

I have several contributors with ecobee3 and they don’t have any auth token issues provided that they
use the right watchdogs (to avoid ST scheduler failures).

I’ve configured many customer locations with some watchdogs and it now works very well.
In some locations, my contributors have up to 6 ecobee3 thermostats with up to 8 remote sensors…!store/tc3yr

P.S. I have more than 500 contributors and counting…


(Kurt Sanders) #3

The @yvesracine Ecobee SmartApp stays connected and uses a the new enhanced Multipurpose Tile for status and control!

(Stephen) #4

Thanks guys! Looks like I’ll be trying that then.

(Dale C) #5

Hi, can you send me the lastest link for downloading the current code please? You seem to have taken me off your email list by accident. Thanks!