Ecobee thermostats showing as presence sensors?

(Rey Rios) #1

I am using two ecobee SmartSI thermostats and they showed up in my presence sensor. I am using @yvesracine decvice type. Any ideas why?

(Fast, Good, Cheap...pick two.) #2

I also wondered this and concluded it’s using the motion detection of the unit for presence as it does if you use the native feature.

(Rey Rios) #3

I have the SI version not the Ecobee 3 (with sensors).

(Kyle LeNeau) #4

The device type you are using has capability “Presence Sensor” defined. Not sure why, but this is why it’s showing up there.

(sidjohn1) #5

Just like the nest device type both of these device have home/away functionality and the developers choose to implement this as a “Presence Sensor” This allows a smartapp to set your thermostat away/home by simply changing its presence.

(Rey Rios) #6

Ok, That makes sense! Thanks!


@yracine has an awesome custom device type and smartapps for the ecobee verse. I also see this behavior with his custom device type.