Ecobee temperature sensors only polling twice a day

I had my ecobee thermostat working very well with SmartThings and action tiles. Just over a year ago things got a little weird. SmartThings seemed only to be reading the temperature data once or twice a day, although it can still control the thermostat. I went to remove and add the thermostat from the list of devices (via iOS) and ecobee had disappeared from the list of possible devices - it was definitely there when I set up. This may relate to me living in New Zealand - ecobee thermostats aren’t sold here (I imported mine from the US). Does anyone know of a work around? I don’t really want to set up a whole new SmartThings ID with a fake US address! Is there a way I can force SmartThings to poll the temp sensors more frequently?

You can probably set up a refresh routine in SharpTools to do it. I do that for my Honeywell thermostat.

I wonder if you used the legacy custom smartapp for ecobee. Either that or the integration is region locked now. Go to Automations > tap Add Routine > tap on the Discover tab near the top > scroll down and check if there is a Ecobee smartapp.

If it is there, please note legacy custom groovy smartapps and device handlers will be phased out when completes the migration to the new architecture with Edge Drivers and LUA.

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Wow, thanks both for the very quick reply. Sharp tools lists “temperature measurement” as a “capability” for my ecobee temperature sensors but is also says “greyed out attributes do not have event subscriptions”. I set a rule to refresh it but it made no difference, the reported temp is still from 4:31am (hours ago).

Re jkp, there doesn’t seem to be a smart app for ecobee. Also, am I right in thinking custom groovy smartapps need a Smartthings hub (I’m being ignorant here)? I started looking at the Community Installer via Github and thought I’d better check before I invested any more time!

I might be best to look at getting a temperature sensor that does work with with Smartthings in NZ. The main thing I want to do is sense the temperature in my Son’s room and open or close a damper that is linked to the central heating vent in his bedroom. I’ve already got the damper working fine via a sonoff smart switch, I just need a reliable way to measure the temperature in his bedroom! He uses a computer most evenings that pretty much heats the room itself, so currently with that AND the central heating he cooks!

Any more suggestions?.. and if getting the ecobee sensors to work seems a dead end, any suggestions for a simple temperature sensor?

The following is my Sharptools rule.

I use a ST virtual switch and a ST routine to trigger the SharpTools Rule.

I do the same as @Paul_Oliver, but I predicate on motion sensors and door contacts. That keeps the read from the thermostat pretty current.