Ecobee Sensors Standalone Integration to Smartthings?

Long:To give an idea of what I’m working with I have an energy company provided thermostat (NVEnergy mpowered) and so far every fan in my house is zwave controlled. What I would like to do is see if it is possible to utilize the ecobee remote sensors without the use of the ecobee thermostat. This would be helpful as I want to use them in particular rooms to control the fans, and perhaps later control the AC. Right now I am using IRIS contact/temp sensors and though I enjoy the capability of them, I could have better uses for the contact capability.

Short: Can you use ecobee sensors with smartthings without the use of an ecobee thermostat.

I don’t believe that is possible. To the best of my knowledge the sensors have a proprietary communication protocol with the thermostat.

According to Ecobee’s website, Ecobee3 Sensors use 915MHz to talk to the thermostat, not the standard 908(US)/ 868(UK) Z wave frequencies. Looks like that’s a no.

darn. It would have been a cool idea but understood. I guess I should research the ecobee.