Ecobee Recalibration

Yesterday, one of my ST routines triggered unexpectedly. After Investigating, I realized that the room temperature on my Ecobee had jumped from 66 to 77 F in the matter of a few minutes. This temperature is one of the inputs for one of my ST routines. When I looked at the Ecobee display, it said something like “Recalibrating- cooling and heating deactivated.” This ran for roughly 5 minutes that I’m aware of and then went back to normal. I’ve never seen this before. Even though the heat and cooling were deactivated, this “temperature” is reported to ST things. Has anyone seen this?

I’ve seen it. It’s usually an hvac issue, not specific to SmartThings. :thinking: See:

interesting. No power loss that I’ m aware of. Agreed, not ST issues, except that if you use the Ecobee temp output for ST routines it will think the temp value is real.

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I am assuming this recalibration happened in heating mode. Probably your furnace was overheating due clogged filter or filter that is too restrictive - air flow issue. Replace the filter and give it a try. Furnace is shutting down to prevent overheating, and restarting. That is why you are getting recalibration messages.

No- neither heating nor cooling was on. I’ve tried to look at the ecobee logs to see if the missing time showed up, but the logs don’t appear to be active now.