Ecobee Home/Away to trigger automation?

I’ve searched for hours and can’t figure it out. I have a simple requirement - when Ecobee says I’m “Away”, I want to lock the door. I can’t find a way to trigger from Ecobee’s Home/Away status. Is it possible?


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Check out webcore

Check out the Ecobee Suite. I’m using ST triggers to set Ecobee status, but I think it can go the other way too.

Indeed, using my Ecobee Suite, you can set up a Smart Mode/Routine/Switch/Program Helper (kind of a Swiss Army knife for SmartThings/Ecobee integration) that will trigger when the thermostat changes its program to “Away”. The Helper will then run a Routine, change the Location Mode, and/or turn on one or more Switches (which might drive other actions).

I use this helper to change the thermostat’s programs when the Good Morning/Goodbye!/Good Night!,I’m Back routines run, and also to run my SmartThings Vacation Routine when the thermostat goes into a scheduled Vacation. But you can have either one drive the other…

Thank you - I found out where to install the Smart Mode/Routine/Switch/Program helper, i had trouble getting it installed but will revisit in the morning, Im sure its operator error. This looks perfect!

What are you using to set Away on your ecobee? My ecobee doesn’t go into away on its own unless I’ve been gone for 2 hours. Took way too long, so ended up having SmartThings change it for me.

I have Home/Away/Night scheduled on my thermostat for “normal” days (I do NOT use Follow-Me or Auto-Away).

My SmartThings Routines will set my location Home/Away based on presence. I have an Ecobee Suite Mode/Routine/Switch/Program Helper configured to put my thermostats into Away when Goodbye! runs and another puts it into Home when I’m Back! runs.

FWIW, this is the original reason that I took over what is now Ecobee Suite - I wanted to have my Thermostat follow Location Mode, and also wanted to control Location Mode from my thermostats (I use the thermostat to “schedule” vacations…)

If you’re using my Ecobee Suite, you need to have first installed all 12 SmartApps and 2 device drivers into your IDE, even if you don’t plan on using them all right now. Once installed, EVERYTHING about Ecobee Suite is controlled from Ecobee Suite Manager (aka ESM), and you have to create and configure any/all Helper SmartApps via ESM → Helper SmartApps (as is thoroughly documented in the on the GitHub repository).