Ecobee debuts new security system/SmartCamera/SmartSensors (April 2020)

And they announced 2FA last week…


I have the camera. It’s pretty nifty, but i don’t know about $180 nifty.

How does it compare to smartthings cam?

I don’t have a SmartThings Cam to compare it to :frowning: Its certainly much more expensive. Could get a ST cam and echo dot for cheaper and have about the same feature set.

Except no HomeKit integration. (Everything I buy for my house has both Echo and HomeKit integration. :wink: )

One interesting note from the article above:

Perhaps what remains most impressive for Ecobee is its continued support for multiple different ecosystems. It has always been a loyal supporter of HomeKit, and that continue with the new SmartSensors and SmartCamera. There’s also Amazon Alexa support, with SmartThings and Google Assistant coming “soon.”

I found the ST coming soon mention interesting. We’ll see how they define “soon”.

There are certainly some advantages ecobee cam has over ST cam:

  1. Homekit
  2. Alexa integration
  3. 180 degree lens
  4. Alexa device built in
  5. native arming/disarming by wifi connection
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