Ecobee 3 - remote sensors as motion sensors

Hello all, I am using @yvesracine smartapps to leverage my two Ecobee 3’s. The sensors are working correctly, but routines that rely on “things start happening” are not triggering.

Are these sensors not suitable for this task?

@shellprompt, Hi Jon, the temperature sensors are quite responsive, but not the motion sensors.

They can take up to 30 minutes to report occupancy as stated by ecobee:

Which states (about motion occupancy):

The remote sensor data will only show computed occupancy, as does the thermostat. Definition - For a given sensor, computed occupancy means a sensor is occupied if any motion was detected in the past 30 minutes.


@yvesracine - I am not concerned that it takes 30 mins - even after this I see them showing status with motion but the routine that looks for motion on any of the sensors never triggers the routine. I was wondering if they would simply not work with “things start happening” on the routines.

appreciate the input.