Ecobee Motion/Presence Status

Hello! New to SmartThings but so far very impressed!

I’ve connected my Ecobee thermostats with SmartThings and noticed that the thermostats themselves don’t offer motion/presence status in the SmartThings app. I have two Ecobee smart sensors that do work - I can trigger routines with those sensors based on temp, motion or presence. I’d love to do the same with the thermostats themselves. Is this possible?

Unfortunately, Ecobee does not expose those as part of their Ecobee->ST integration.

Also, note that the Ecobee sensor motion detection does not work like a standard motion detector where it reverts to no motion within a few seconds after motion stops. Be sure that you build your Routines keeping the following in mind:

In Follow Me mode, Ecobee sensors stay occupied for 30 minutes. When no motion is detected for more than 30 minutes, the sensor will become unoccupied. In Smart Home and Smart Away modes, occupancy is measured every five minutes and lasts two hours.