Ecobee 3 , off by one degree

I am using @yvesracine great ecobee 3 app, and I have noted that the temperature that I set in the app results in being off by 1 degree on the ecobee - one degree higher for cold and one degree lower for heating.

Has anyone else noted this?

Hi @shellprompt,

First, did you try to refresh your UI before comparing the temp at the physical thermostat?

The device handler will not automatically refresh your UI, you need to press the ‘refresh’ tile in order to do so.

FYI, the Service Manager (MyEcobeeInit) will poll My Ecobee device on a regular basis (every 10-20 min, according to what you set in the smartapp), but it will not refresh the UI for you (as any other thermostats under ST).


Jon, did this ever get resolved? I have a similar situation where my Good Night routine is sending out an incorrect setpoint, lowered by 1 degree

I am having the same issue with my Trane thermostat. Run my morning routine to 70 and it sets two thermostats to 69. This is done both automatically and when triggered directly. Any suggestions appreciated.