FireHD10 general questions


Just a general question on the subject as I imagine there are some users of this device here.

Could you all tell me how the microphone sensitivity is in comparison to the amazon dot/ echo?

Could I do a one for one replacement (1 dot, replaced by 1 firehd10) and have the same “experience”.-- i.e. no reduction in microphone coverage/ sensitvity?

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I can only guess that it is definitely “not as good”, but the practical difference might not be bad at all.

The Echo & Dot have 7 microphones for focusing on where it sensed the wake word and subsequent speech,… The light ring actually indicates which direction it is listening! This helps the device to ignore noise from other directions and cancel them out.

With one or two microphones (not sure how many HD10 has…) it won’t be as accurate.

Also… Echoes and Dots participate in group synchronized music playback. The Tap does not… Nor Ecobee. I don’t know if HD10 participates; I’m guessing “no”.


I been eyeing one for a ActionTile/Alexa all in one solution. For where I would put it, I think I would like the less hearing bit.

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