Any update on echo speaks lite?

If i recall correctly, last summer when echo speaks got depricated, after being pushed from a lot of people tonesto if i recall correctly said that he would indeed make an echo speaks lite version for the new smartthings app. Does anyone have any updates on this?

most likely that project has been cancelled at this point and time

That is indeed bad news. To be honest i really don’t understand why the official alexa integration can’t show my echos as devices and being able to send tts to them. Nothing fancy, just that…

It’s not even a simple task in Home Assistant, which can do TTS with all things Google with minimal effort. Must be more complicated on the Alexa side.

Here I left for another solution. I’m using SmartThings + NodeRED to create advanced automations and ads on Alexa. I started to publish a series of tutorials on where I will spend some of my knowledge to create flows with SmartThings and NodeRED. The ads using alexa over there are perfect. In this example below, when the Yale lock is unlocked, filter the user who entered the password, validate the time and alexa gives a greeting with random phrases (each time the lock is opened, a different phrase is announced on Alexa). I am very satisfied and even if echo speaks return it is impossible to leave NodeRED after you adapt with it

It got recreated as Echo Speaks v4 and it lives on, but not on the SmartThings platform.


To be honest i just wanted a simple solution that i could use within smartthings like echo speaks was.

As already written, consider carefully Node-red and you’ll have your echo working and chances are you will leave webcore with satisfaction … :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yeah i don’t really want to bother with node-red. I would prefer to have everything in the smartthings app. @tonesto7 are you around anymore? Any update on this?

Leading the question here, the answer in the echo speaks topic before it was disappeared was the solution runs on the ‘other hub’ and you can use them together. Saves the author/programmer his valuable time and allows you enjoy the faster response.


Yes i have seen that but if i could have a direct answer would be much better.

This was the reference BTW. :frowning:

I have seen this as well. I don’t want echo speaks 4 just a lite version with TTS would do the trick for me. As far as i understand smartthings is planning to introduce a groovy converter which will make things a bit easier

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I do not want to think of it, considering that the cli is at v0.0.0-pre.24 after almost a year being public.

I haven’t seen things turning to be easier. Just more frustrated people about things not working as they should.


I use the ‘Voice Monkey’ Skill… it’s free and has unlimited use.

It can speak any text contained in a web request from webCoRE, so no need to hard code text into Alexa Routines.

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Yeah i would prefer a direct solution. I think webcore will kick the bucket as well in the near future.

Well… the problem with that specific request is that Amazon has not released any public Text-to-Speech API for their Echo devices (at least not to my knowledge.) Echo Speaks is really behaving more like an interactive web browser session than a traditional RESTful API style of application. Thus the need to keep a cookie refreshed all of the time.

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I think so too! Combine that with all the random stability issues, delayed responses, dropped devices etc etc, I placed an order for Hubitat last night.

The only thing I cannot replicate is my Samsung Freezer integration, but I can mirror that over from ST.

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To be honest i think that smartthings will be very ahead of the competition when this shitty transitional period finishes. I also suspect that the reason that smartthings has been working for so long on fixing their google home and alexa integrations is because of something that i read on matter (previously known as project chip) that is the exposing the devices you want for each hub. I could be wrong but do believe that hubitat will be left in the dust when smartthings eventually manages to complete its transitional period. Hubitat does not have so many integrations as smartthings and the later will gain local execution on all smartthings managed dths when groovy is depricated. Smartthings is also one of the main matter (thread) contributors whereas hubitat has seen little development changes of the past year. Especially when it comes to their mobile application, they are years behind smartthings. Will it be a long wait for smartthings to get where it should be? Yes probably. I think it is worth it. Especially as i heart that a public release of the local automations on smartthings is near.

Bear in mind that HubConnect will probably stop working when the IDE disappears …

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