Echo and Multiple SmartThings Locations (Hubs)

Has anyone found or heard a solution to this problem??


I really need this to work also. I have two building that are too far away from each other for a single hub to work. However, they are close enough that they are on the same network. I need to be able to control the lights, outlets, etc. in the other building over my echos (which btw, i have them in both buildings on the same Amazon account).

Have you tried Alexa Helper? It’s not optimal but is a decent community developed work-around to the SmartThings Architecture induced issue.


Yes and I can’t seem to get it working. When I past the generated URL into a web browser, it works the first time. All subsequent times, it yealds: {“error”:true,“type”:“AccessDenied”,“message”:“This request is not authorized by the specified access token”}. Nothing changed in the URL between attempts except for “c=on” was changed to “c=off”. Even putting it back to “c=on” fails at that point.

I have the same situation, multiple buildings and my st hub v3 cannot reach all of the sensors. Further I need my echo(s) to control both sets of devices. Everything is on one network.

Is there a fix for this?

You are replying to a post which is over three years old and much has changed in that time, Specifically with the echo integration. For a while, it did work exactly the way the OP for this thread wanted it to work. However, they changed it again in April 2020 and now you can have multiple locations, but all of your SmartThings locations From The same smartthings account will always be exposed to a single Alexa account.

I don’t know if that meets your requirements or not: it does not meet the requirements of many customers. So they are working on changing it yet again.

Here’s how it currently works:

And here’s the discussion of what may change soon:

In the future, I recommend looking for threads which have had activity in the last 12 months. Otherwise it just keeps resurfacing really old stuff which then confuses everybody, particularly since smartthings features change so often.

I will be more careful, I noticed the post was old but it was the only one addressing my exact problem. I have a concrete block construction home that has been added on to to make it like 3 small buildings, lots of concrete between one “end” and the other. My existing hub woirks well on one end but loses contact frequently with sensors on the other end. I added a ST smart plug in between which seems to have solved it mostly but that far off one still drops out. So the logical thing to me is to add another hub. Both must talk to alexa somehow. I use alexa to tell me when motion is triggered.

How best to do this?