Ebay showhome micro switch 3 way

Has anyone tried these, I beleive ShowHome brand?, micro switch controllers?

Ebay auction of showhome micro switch ZW78S

One of the pictures seems to suggest it would work in a more common 3 way wiring method (instead of needing power to the light and such that the aeon labs one seems to need) as long as you drop in a 4 way traditional switch. They do appear larger though and that could be a problem.


The “show Home” line is brand-new this year from a Chinese company that just got several devices certified a few months ago. I don’t think anyone has reported trying them yet, but as long as they are certified, they should at least work for basic on/off.


They work great for me, they are about the same size as the Aeon Labs G2, just slightly different shape. The screws stick out so I put electrical tape over them so they don’t get cooked by the ground cable.