Easybulb (simple) intergration?

I have a few Easybulb lamps, GU10, bayonet, LED strip and the Easybulb hub, mostly unused and still boxed.

I’ve read up a bit on the integration, I know not everything works simply with SmartThings, but is there a way to get these working simply, without extra hardware, servers, etc please.

If not think I’ll “retire” them, and get some compatible with SmartThings directly, or at least with some samrtapp integration from users.


So no integration without some extra hardware looked a raspberry pi etc?

Seen it works with IFTTT maybe get something there? Anyone tried this?

Time to sell maybe…

My bad, I didn’t realize this is a rebranded LimitlessLED.

It doesn’t look like there’s an easy way. You may have already seen the following thread, but it’s pretty complicated.

Just ask any additional questions in that thread.

Think I’ve misread the IFTTT as well doesn’t seem to integrate, I searched and found a mention but doesn’t have the Easybulb service.

They are rebranded MiLight/Limitless/Easybulb all the same I think.

I dont want external servers etc as reason bought SmartThings was, hopefully, to get all integrated better, and without more and more hubs. I had these Easybulb before ST. Think I’ll have to sell and buy some GU10 bulbs that work (already have some lightify that work fine), or some smart switches which I’d prefer if only the UK would get some working with no neutral.

Or think I may try the Ikea tradfri as they work apparently without the Ikea hub, and the GU10 are much cheaper.


On the IKEA, you are correct. The product descriptions will say they require their own gateway, but you can use the smartthings hub instead. The only thing you won’t be able to do is update the firmware.

Great thanks. Wonder if there has been any firmware update for the GU10 bulbs and what it was.

If I buy the house b to get updated firmware, is it simple to do that, or do you have to unpaid from ST somehow, setup IKEA hub, update, unpaid from IKEA hub, re-pair to ST? ie a long prices for each bulb?