Easy Access EasyCode Door Lock- ZigBee Module Compatible with SmartThings HUB

No, this device is not compatible with SmartThings. Here’s our official list:

If it pairs to the SmartThings hub, you should be able to use a custom DTH but as stated above it is not officially supported.

Do you know where you can get the zigbee add on card? I have not seen it anywhere

Regarding the ZigBee card, I am in a dialogue with the Norwegian distributor. Will let you know when I have som updates.
In the last email I received from them, they told me that they have a ZigBee card ready.

Is there a generic template for ZigBee locks?

The default ZigBee lock DTH code by SmartThings can be found here. You would need to add the correct fingerprint of the device once it joins (you can find it in IDE).

You could also try my DTH which has a lot more features but I’m not sure which of those features would work/be enabled by the vendor. Again you’d need to add the fingerprint.

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Any word from the Norwegian distributor? I would be interested in helping write/rewrite a device handler to support this.


If you are in Norway just send them a mail and they will ship it to you. Price is 799,- NOK for the zigbee module I think. You can find the contact information on fingeravtrykk.no

I’m in Norway and thinking of having it shipped. Did you have any luck with it @cscheiene?

Did you get the module?

Did you manage to integrate it into your ST hub?

Yes, I got it and was able to pair it with Smartthings.

I have not tested it much but it works OK for lock/unlock

I don’t think it works for advanced features like setting codes etc. But have not tested this.

Are you able to check lock status with the generic handler @cscheiene ?

Yes, however I have noticed a couple of things.

If you disable autolock feature and use the button on the inside to lock the door, it won’t send the lock status. It will update if you unlock or lock it from the outside and if it automatically locks. I have not seem any battery reports yet.

Cool. Any problems with disconnect and having to-repair with Smartthings?

No, it has been stable for me

Just found out its not even compatible with my lock (903 G2) not the V2 version… Oh well

Did smartthings recognize the module automatically? I’m not able to add the module. Did you have to do something special, or you just installed it and did the power up-down 6x to pair?

I followed the instructions that came with the module. Smartthings found it, but can’t remember if I manually had to change the device handler

Easy Access Door Lock
Works better with this DH: Universal Enhanced ZigBee Lock|

However, not all options in this DH is supported.

What do you get with this devicehandler that you don’t get with the stock devicehandler?

More reliable status. Open : Locked.