Dynamic value Comparisons and Writes

Hi, I like the If then Logic of the routines in the App they provide lots of accessibility.
However, besides else and else if clauses I miss the option of comparisons and dynamic sets.
Say I want to get a notification to close my Window when the humidity inside is below to the humidity outside. This can’t be done right now as only comparisons with constants are possible.

Humidity < Weather.Humidity
Window OPEN
Notify “Close Window”

Further, Dynamic Sets/Writes would immensely helpful.
e.g. use of a button as a Dimmer.

Button 1 Pressed
Lamp.Dimmer = Lamp.Dimmer + 5%

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I agree. Even though its possible using variables in sharptools.

Humidity comparison is possible using Rules API.

Using this driver is possible to use external level step

External level step is used to increase or decrease a certain value step by step from a routine or with a device such as a button.